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Thank you for the opportunity to submit our recommendations for the sale of your property.

Selling your property may be an easy decision but choosing your agent requires careful thought. We appreciate you have a choice and we want to win your business.

We demonstrate to our clients everyday that we combine the professionalism, experience and commitment to get the job done properly.

Now, our goal is to prove to you why you need look no further.

Inside, we’ve outlined our plan to market and sell your property for the maximum possible price. We’ll also demonstrate how our systems and processes assure success.

While First National is commercially competitive, we don’t compromise on the training, systems, marketing or standards that enable us to achieve outstanding results consistently. We adhere to Best Practice processes designed to guarantee delivery of our promise – We put you first.

I look forward to talking with you about how we can help you sell your property for the best possible price.


   Yours sincerely


   Shane Purssell
   First National Coastal

   M 0402 012 142
   P 07 5444 0800


Who is Shane Purssell?

Shane Purssell, a 2nd generation agent, has developed a strong reputation for enthusiasm, integrity and dedication.  Shane started his career in year 2000 and has had a very strong bond for selling under the First National Brand for over 16 years.

Achieving numerous real estate awards throughout his career, he is an experienced and knowledgeable professional with a long record of exceptional results.

His skills in marketing, negotiation and continued focus on honesty ensure his clients return to him for their real estate needs time and again.

Shane enjoys developing relationships with the many and varied people he meets each day.

"Meeting people from all walks of life is always interesting. I especially enjoy listening to the stories and learning from the experience of my older clients.”

Specialising in real estate sales of beachfront properties, Shane strives to not only meet but exceed his client’s expectations through professional service and good communication.

“My Love of the Ocean and the region’s natural beauty makes it easy for me to sell property on the Sunshine Coast.”

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The First National Advantage

With over 100 years of combined local experience you can be confident in knowledge that the service, professionalism and expertise that you receive at First National Coastal is second to none. We are fully committed to making every association with First National Coastal a rewarding experience.

To get the maximum possible price for your home, you need a winning edge. Here’s why we lead the field in service, marketing and results.

We're well known in the community.
Our agency has a long, well respected association with the central Sunshine Coast community.  We know the region like the back of our hands.

We're well located.
Having two offices in the prime locations of Mooloolaba Esplanade and First Avenue Maroochydore will give you access to a pool of buyers that most offices wont meet.  Our highly visited window, brochure stand, and digital window display  helps us stand out from the rest.

We will sell your property fast.
We often sell properties at the first open home. This is because we do our homework, we lay the groundwork so that your property is launched with maximum impact. We will promote your property cost effectively and achieve for you the maximum possible price by exposing your property to the right audience, resulting in reduced “On Market Time” and maximum sale price for your property. 

We will give you a realistic appraisal.
A good agent will be realistic about the likely selling range of your property, and about the marketing budget that is required to get you the results you want. We will do a thorough market analysis and be honest with you about expected results at different price points. Although you might think you will get more for your property if you go with the agent who suggests the highest sales figure or zero marketing fees, be aware that pricing a property accurately and implementing an effective marketing campaign is more likely to achieve a better outcome than a property that is overpriced and undermarketed.

We will listen to you.
We realise that every property and every seller is different. We take the time to learn the unique appeal of your property, understand your specific requirements and make recommendations accordingly. 

We will market your property comprehensively.
We use the power of print, digital and social media to reach more buyers through methods other agencies don't have access to. We will tailor a comprehensive, targeted marketing campaign unique to your property by combining tried and true traditional marketing with leading edge online marketing systems to get you results. 

We're focused.
Our number one priority is finding a buyer for your home. We know how to identify the likely buyer for your property and we have the marketing tools to reach that target audience. Sometimes though, the best buyer is not online. We will personally contact buyers who we believe would love to make your property theirs. We don't just hunt listings, post them online and leave it there. We are continuously growing our buyer database with thousands of qualified buyers who are looking for their next property.

We work as a team.
When you list your property with us, the whole team is working for you, not just an office or an individual. We will make a time to attend your property as a group, so any one of our 12 qualified sales agents can promote your property’s features to potential buyers. We are also happy to conjunct with other agencies to get the best price for your property.

We will show you ways you can sell for more.
We will do an assessment of your property and do a profile of the likely buyer, and then provide you with a list of things you can do to enhance the look and presentation of the property, which will help attract the right buyers to your property at the right price.

We will guide you through the process.
We will help with paperwork, inspections and preparing for settlement. We will explain all documentation, guide you through preparing for open homes, and make sure you understand the settlement process.

We will negotiate the best price for you.
We are here to work for you, not the buyer. We will negotiate with the buyer to ensure they submit their best offer for your consideration.

We'll keep you in the loop.
During the course of your marketing and sale, we will provide regular updates to ensure that you are fully aware of the response to our comprehensive marketing campaign.

We're connected.
Our alliance with the First National Real Estate network gives your property listing extra reach nationwide. Being part of the ‘First National Real Estate’ network which has over 400 offices throughout the cities and regional centres of Australia and New Zealand allows us to have contact with buyers from out of area who may have been in contact with one of our other offices.


Your Real Estate Team

10 Steps to a Successful Sale

First National Coastal strive to maximise the sale price of every home we market. We consult carefully with you on the approach to your sale, and pride ourselves on getting the best results in the shortest possible time. Here's how ...


1. Accurate appraisal

We want to sell your property for the highest price, in the shortest possible time. This starts with a realistic comparative market analysis. Our agents have expert knowledge of property values and this is how we consistently achieve our anticipated price.

2. Method of Sale

We’ll explain the different methods of sale and help you choose what suits you best. Typically, options include Private Treaty (For Sale) or Auction but alternatives are available where applicable. We’ll also look at timing and any local events that could impact on the success of your campaign.

3. Presentation

We love making sure buyers see the full value of your property. To make sure this happens, we’ll make recommendations about a myriad of little things you can do to make sure your property's presentation is spot on.

4. Promotion

To maximise your sale price, we’ll discuss a range of marketing and advertising options that guarantee every possible buyer for your property is alerted to your sale. Our goal is to sell your property for a premium and achieve that 10% hidden premium in the marketplace by executing the premium price formula:

Effective Promotion + Negotiation Skills + Competitive Bidding + Emotional Connection = Premium Price

Our aim is to find a ‘Heart Buyer’ who will pay a premium price as they become emotional about your property. To achieve this, your property's marketing campaign must advertise your property in it's best light and find multiple buyers. The greater the competition, the better the result !

5. Inspections

Once everything’s ready, we’ll start showing buyers through your home/property. Choose from ‘Open House Inspections’ or ‘Private Buyer Appointments’ and set times that are best to show your home.

6. Momentum

When we begin promoting your property a swell of interest in the property occurs. Competition from the most active buyers in the marketplace peaks in the first few weeks – this is generally when the strongest offers are received.

Maintaining momentum is crucial. If offers are not attracted in the early phases of marketing, a market review is recommended to maintain competitiveness. Knowing when the time is right to alter pricing is a delicate matter and sends signals to the marketplace.

7. Communication

We monitor the progress of your sale diligently to ensure the promotion of your property is on track. We will continually consult with you to assure you understand your chosen position, and fine tune our approach in response to the buyer feedback.

8. Offers

Our markeing campaign will generate offers from interested parties. This is where our negotiation skills make the difference. We’ll help you assess offers, make recommendations about how to optimise negotiations, and recommend when to sell.

9. Contracts

Once you’ve accepted an offer, or the hammer has fallen at Auction, documentation will be signed by buyer and seller.

10. Settlement Period

Settlement is typically 30 days from the date the contract is signed but can be negotiated during the sale process to suit both the seller and buyer's needs. During the settlement period, you begin packing up and planning for the final settlement or ‘moving day’.

Smart Marketing Options


Your property requires exposure to the marketplace to find multiple buyers. The greater the competition, the better the result ! 

An integrated marketing campaign combining print and digital advertising will generate more interest in your property which increases the chance of achieving a higher sale price and a shorter time on market than just print or internet alone.

Should you list with us, we will identify the likely target market for your property with your input, and design a marketing campaign that will use a number of advertising mediums to reach the right audience to maximise the impact of your marketing budget and ensure the highest possible price is achieved.

Whilst we include a lot of free marketing tools when you list with us, here are some of the 'added extras' we can use to boost your properties exposure, and attract those high bidders.‚Äč

Professional Photography: Our marketing team produce excellent real estate photography but Real Estate Photography Specialists take your images to the next level. Staging photo shoots using high end digital cameras, wide angle lenses and studio lighting ensures your property is presented at its best whether day, night or dusk. Research shows that properties with professional photography sell for significantly more than with standard photography and are viewed 60% more online. Images are retouched, such as bright skies and unsightly items around a home enhancing all your property’s best features to create a real “WOW” factor.
Aerial Photography: Using the technology of drones, this very affordable option provides a totally different perspective when marketing your property, highlighting key selling points such as size, location, gardens and surrounding topography, which would generally not be visible with regular photography.
On Line Advertising Upgrades: and offer upgraded online listings which guarantee greater exposure and views over standard ads.
Floor Plans: Bring your property’s dimensions and layout to life. Floor plans are one of the most effective property marketing tools, which are ever increasingly sought after by buyers. A floorplan helps buyers understand a property’s flow, and visualise how its spaces will work for them. Post-inspection, a plan is a great reminder of layout, allowing serious buyers to imagine living in the home by mapping out their own furniture placements.
Photo and Description Sign Boards: A magnet to passing prospective buyers, working 24 hours a day. Usually the best features of your home are inside and in the privacy of the rear of your property which buyers can’t see from the curb side. We offer a range of sizes to suit your property.
Professionally Printed Brochures: We can produce good quality brochures through our listing management software, however we recommend using professionally printed brochures to help make a great first impression.
Print Media: Whilst online marketing is now the number one go to medium for property hunters, newspapers and magazines still play a big part in the marketing process. Our corporate buying power enables us to provide clients with advertising at greatly reduced rates.
Home Styling and Furnishing: A well-presented home adds significant value, makes the selling process easier and is a more pleasurable experience for the buyer. As with all the benefits of Virtual Furniture, real styling and furnishing continues to enhance the presentation and features of your property when prospective buyers visit and inspect your home. Professionally styled and furnished homes are surprisingly affordable and will more than recover the cost with the increase in property value that it provide.

Staged Marketing Option

If you are happy to take your time selling your property, or if cashflow is tight, we also offer a Staged Marketing Campaign where the most expensive parts of marketing are only utilised if the more cost effective means don't generate the desired results. This can save you thousands of dollars.

Marketing Payment Plan

A payment plan is also available so that you can spread all of your marketing cost out over a 4 month period.  



Ways We Can Sell Your Property

For the Sunshine Coast region, there are two main alternatives when selling residential property. They are sale by Private Treaty (For Sale) and Public Auction. Each offers advantages and your choice will depend largely on your property, the nature of your sale and your market’s current dynamics.

We can explain these options to you and recommend what we think will generate the best price for your property.


With A Price

Set an asking price and negotiations begin once an offer is received. Generally the purchaser will sign a contract with a 5 day cool off period at an agreed amount.

Offers Over $

Position your property just below the Minimum likely selling price and set “Offers Over $...” – The lower “Display Price” is likely to generate added interest which will normally create the competition required to drive the price up.

Fixed Price

Position your property just above the maximum likely price the market will bear. This allows strategic space for negotiation.

Submit All Offers / Expressions of Interest

Remove the price and display “Submit All Offers”. This takes the pressure of you to fix a competitive price but it may also turn away some buyers who may think it is not in their range.


At auction, buyers bid against each other to purchase your property. It is the preferred method of sale for beneficiaries, governments, banks, administrators, executors and trustee companies, corporations and, of course, private vendors.

If the highest bid at auction is acceptable to you, the sale occurs at the fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer. The property is ‘passed-in’ if the highest bid fails to meet your reserve price.

For the owner, auctions have several benefits including:

  • Competitive bidding – You enjoy a position of strength as buyers compete against each other instead of you.
  • No pricing issue – You have the benefit of several weeks of market feedback before setting your reserve. Because there is no advertised price, strong demand can sometimes result in a sale price above expectation.
  • Three opportunities to sell – before, at auction or immediately afterwards.
  • Tight timeframe – Buyers have a set timeframe to work towards, usually three or four weeks. This focuses your buyers’ attention and provides the incentive for finances and building inspections to be completed in time for auction day.
  • Unconditional contract – You get a cash contract where you dictate the terms and conditions
  • No cooling off – A sale made under the hammer is definite and there is no cooling off period.

Let’s discuss these alternatives to determine what best suits you.

What is Your Property Worth ?

Pricing a property is one of the most important steps in preparing for sale.

Your asking price will determine the amount of buyer interest and offers.

The lower the price the more buyers will be attracted to your property and you will have multiple offers in a matter of days.

The higher the price less buyers will inspect your property and not be motivated to place an offer.

The longer a home is on the market, the more difficult it becomes to achieve a price premium. We believe pricing your property realistically will generate a better outcome than overinflating the price 'just to see' if you could get more.

Pricing your property at fair market value will attract the right buyers to your property, they will feel that it is priced fairly and will be keen to place an offer. Our negotiation of those multiple offers generates competition, resulting in the highest sale price.

We take into account all the variables to guide you to the likely selling range of your property :

  • Similar properties recently sold in close proximity to your property
  • Current competition
  • Location
  • Condition of the property
  • Supply versus demand – the ratio of buyers for a property like yours to the number of properties competing for their offer
  • Current market dynamics – economy, interest rates, outlook, consumer sentiment, employment, wages

We will recommend how your property should be priced and listed to get you the results you want.

Just remember that at the end of the day the list price is in your hands and as your agent we will act on your instruction.

Ultimately, properties are commodities that are subject to market forces. 

One the property is listed, we will continually monitor buyer feedback and consult with you to ensure your property is priced to get you the best result.

Do we already know your buyer ?

Selling Fees

Don’t make the mistake that some sellers do and choose an agent purely on the lowest selling fee. You should appoint a good value agent not a cheap one.

You may think you are saving hundreds of dollars in the actual selling fee but ultimately it may cost you thousands on the end sale price.

While our commission is commercially competitive we don’t compromise on the training, ethics or standards that enable us to achieve outstanding results, again and again.

Property Management Services

Attention Property Investors

As a landlord you want to be assured that your property is managed professionally & efficiently.

We believe that rental management is not merely “collection of rent” but doing all that we can to ensure that the property that you choose to invest your hard earned dollars in, retains & increases its value so that when you sell this property you receive the maximum amount of profit on your original investment.

Our Service Guarantee

We Guarantee

  1. Personalised service
  2. Award Winning & Friendly Staff
  3. Competitive Rates
  4. Quarterly Inspections
  5. Regular market rent reviews
  6. Accompanied tenant inspections
  7. Thorough tenant screening
  8. Commitment to minimising rental arrears
  9. Timely Disbursals
  10. Regular & Prompt Communication

Should we fail to provide any of the above services you are at liberty to cancel your Management Agreement or we will refund the last three months management and rent collection fees from the time you notify the Principal.

Our award winning staff are committed to providing a personal & effective service aimed at maximizing your rental returns & protecting your investment.

Making the switch is easier than you might think – call us today.

What Happens Next ?

I am confident that First National Real Estate Coastal has the capacity to maximise your sale price by promoting your property to the widest possible audience.

The most significant advantages in listing with us are as follows:

  1. First National Real Estate Coastal has a long, well respected association, with the Insert Region community.  Our alliance with the First National Real Estate network dovetails perfectly with our commitment to continuous improvement.
  2. Our Mooloolaba Esplanade office location gives you access to a pool of buyers that most offices wont meet.
  3. Two of the most significant marketing tools in real estate today are clearly the Internet and Social Media. First National Real Estate pursues one of the most effective strategies in Australia and was voted number one for Inbound Marketing when Business Review Weekly nominated the top 30 real estate brands in the country.
  4. The First National Real Estate buyer referral network is the industry benchmark assuring maximum co-operation between our members in order to maximise the value of every property we sell. Our ‘national focus’ eMagazine reaches consumers coast-to-coast and fully exploits the power of social media and digital marketing.


Can we get started?

I would love to start working on your sale and recommend the following procedure.

  1. Follow-up discussion to finalise method of sale and marketing arrangements
  2. Approval of marketing plan
  3. Arrangement for legal documentation to be prepared

During the course of your marketing and sale, I will provide regular updates to ensure that you are fully aware of buyer enquiry and the degree of interest.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to submit this proposal for the sale of your home/property. I look forward to discussing the sale in more detail when you have had time to review this information.

Yours Sincerely


  Shane Purssell
  First National Coastal

  M 0402 012 142
  P 07 5444 0800

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